About us

According to a 2019 Long Term Care survey conducted by New Jersey Adopt-A-Senior Foundation, there are currently over 3 Million Americans living in Long Term Care or Skilled Living facilities. Over 50% of these clients have no family or friends to visit them. Even more traumatic, low income or under-served clients experience a higher rate of abandonment.

Operation Kindness of Southern California, seeks to facilitate creative interactive programs that will enhance the quality of life for those long- term marginalized or vulnerable clients residing in skilled living facilities and other long term care facilities in the Southern California area.

We believe in honoring those who went before us and taught us the value of kindness, that caring for others and extending compassion, especially to those who are most frail, vulnerable, and often forgotten is a moral imperative. By extending kindness to these individuals we have the power to reignite in these individuals that we serve a purpose of being an important part of our community.

Our community-based services focus on enhanced emotional and social support through companionship, personalized social interactions, holiday gift giving programs and helping to provide the basic necessities that honor and enhance their social and emotional well- being.

VISION: Enhance the quality of life for under-served clients residing in Skilled Living Facilities

MISSION: Provide support to individuals through companionship, personalized social interactions, and holiday-gift giving programs.

VALUES: Guiding us in our mission are our values:


Treat clients, co-workers and volunteers with civility, courtesy, dignity and respect.


Maintain confidentiality to ensure privacy of all matters, including HIPAA compliance and user donor gifts responsibly.


Inspire clients to realize their personal value by enabling them to participate in the program and see themselves as valuable member of society.


Strategically utilize resources in the most fiscally responsible and cost-effective manner.


Mobilize the substantial good will of the broader community to enable community service and support of marginalized clients to promote dignity and improve the lives of those who are most vulnerable and often forgotten.